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PRO-Punch: Punching machines

punching machines

The machinery and the systems are entirely designed, engineered and produced in every part (mechanic, electronic and electro-mechanic) by Procon SRL. This is why we can find solutions to every need of our customers.

  • You buy only the functions that you really need
  • Flexible expansion of the purchased products
  • Consultation, feasibility and coordination all from one supplier

Procon SRL is your most valued partner for the design and manufacture of machine tools.  We realize special punching machines with from 1 to 8 hydraulic and indexable punching heads, coil punching machines, hydraulic punching heads for machine tool producers and an extensive series of custom made machines (embossing press, etc…)

Thanks to the Procon-owned CNC control and management software the machines offers flexibility and accurate processing of the production cycle.  The CNC control works under Windows, with a colour touch-screen, parametric programming and simulation mode.